Parish Share

Many people ask what is the point of Parish Share. The following link to a recent summary will hopefully answer some of these questions. Parish Share is primarily how we pay for and support our Vicars – and of course a Church without a worshipping congregation becomes just a building.

These are the changes to Deanery Share allocation for 2014. Currently Deanery Share is based solely on numbers on the Electoral Roll of all the churches in the Deanery, with an adjustment for deprivation.

Diocesan budget for 2013 – I cant find this currently on the diocesan website (4/13)

The Parish Share is left to individual Deaneries to decide. The Deanery Share is allocated to us by the Diocese, however the method of dividing this sum amongst the Deanery Churches has no direct connection to the Diocesan calculations. The Diocesan advice is to use a range of factors in the calculation to avoid unfairly skewing the figures. Currently in the Wantage Deanery we use this system.