Faith Matters

What does it mean to follow Christ?

The Church of England website gives a summary of our Faith. What are the core beliefs of Christians? What is being an Anglican about? There are faith stories and information about mission.

If you are looking for help to learn how to pray, try this link. This is a simple guide to prayer that you can print out. Alternatively sacred space offers online daily prayers.

It can be hard to find time to speak to God when your day is full of work, family and the pressures of daily life. Lectio Divina is a dynamic way of reading the Holy Scriptures which has been around since AD 300.

You might also find the Oxford Diocese i-church site helpful. i-church was founded by the Diocese of Oxford in 2004 as an experimental on-line community in the Benedictine tradition. The aim of i-church is twofold: to enable people who want to know more about Christianity to find out more, and to support people in their journeys of faith.

Do you wish you knew a bit more about the Bible, and how to understand it more fully? Did you know that Itunes U (university) has lots of free courses. Some are on theology. They are best accessed via an ipad when the excellent course books are available via the iTunes U app. However the basic information – lectures and course notes are available free via the iTunes store, and can be downloaded onto your computer. There are various courses out there by different colleges too, so keep looking if the style of that one doesn’t suit you.

There are excellent websites with different versions of the Bible available free – this is a good one. Sometimes reading a text in a few different versions makes things much clearer.

If you are interested in exploring Christianity a bit more, then do contact any of our clergy – they would all be delighted to help – or just come along to a service and introduce yourself. We would love to chat.