How is Parish Share calculated

The Wantage Deanery Share for 2014 is £310,843 and the breakdown of how this was calculated can be found on the diocesan website here. Essentially we are asked to pay in full for the annual costs for our 5 full time paid clergy, plus contributions to training – of clergy and laity – and diocesan and national costs. These contributions have an ability to pay element to them. There is then some money rebated against these figures from central diocesan funds as well as the diocesan part of parochial fees (the parish already keeps the parish part of these fees).

Within the deanery we have sought to replicate the principles of this method with local variations  more applicable to our deanery.

  • Each benefice is asked to pay for their portion of the clergy costs, each church’s portion of this being based on the relative size of their population.
  • The training, diocesan and national costs are split using an ability to pay formula based on congregation size and Experian data of wealth and size of community – from diocesan figures.
  • The money rebated against these charges is split with lump sums going to all the smaller churches from the diocesan fund, and each church is also allocated their portion of the diocesan fees.

You can find the current payment status for Wantage deanery in the Dorchester Archdeaconary information on this page.

Treasurers are circulated separately the actual calculation sheets.