Information for Church Wardens

The Salisbury Diocese have an excellent set of information covering most aspects of being a Church Warden.

There are books you might find useful. Churchwardens Handbook – a practical guide (ISBN-13: 978-1840035346) gives helpful summary information. The more complete Practical Church Management (ISBN-13: 978-0852446027) is a book all churches should have. Both books – and in fact any books you might need for your church – can be ordered from the Cornerstone Cafe and Christian Bookshop in Grove.

Log in here to ParishInfo where you can find diocesan wide contacts and add your Statistics for Mission information. The Diocese needs to approve your email address before you can log in – click here if you have any problems for contact details.

Ready written services (including the full text of Book of Common Prayer services and Common Worship services) and prayers can be found on this site. You can also find short services that you should be able to pick up to 4 weeks in advance where it adds the relevant readings etc for you (tho it didnt work on all days for me.)

For information on various forms, and clergy expenses click here