How we are connected in the Church of England

Archbishop of Canterbury
Senior bishop,
First among Equals
of both the Anglican Communion and the Church of England.
Archbishop of the Province of Canterbury
▼(The Southern dioceses of England)
Archbishop of York
Archbishop of the Province of York
(the northern dioceses of England)
Bishop of Oxford 29 other bishops of dioceses in the South of England in the Province of Canterbury
Area Bishop of Dorchester ▼  Area Bishop of Buckingham Area Bishop of Reading
Archdeacon of Dorchester Archdeacon of Buckingham  Archdeacon of  Oxford  Archdeacon of  Berkshire
Area Dean of Wantage Deanery  Area Deans of
28 other Deaneries in the Oxford Diocese
Vicar and Associate Vicar of Vale Benefice Vicar of Wantage and Charlton Vicar of Wantage Downs Benefice Vicar of Ridgeway Benefice