Gift aid information

All Gift Aid Declarations and envelopes after 31.12.12 must use the new HMRC wording. This letter from Robin Brunner Ellis explains what churches need to do to prepare for this.

HMRC have changed the need to hold Gift Aid records back to six years.

The Small donations scheme has now had approval through parliament, although there are still some aspects that need clarifying. Robin Brunner Ellis has given a helpful overview on the diocesan website and given this advice. “The most important element that your church has to do at this stage is to ensure that accurate and appropriately labelled records are kept each time people give you Small Donations.  Lichfield Diocese colleagues have produced the attached two forms, designed to do this job well and conform to the advice from HMRC:

(a)   A COUNTING form for each service

(b)   A RECORD form to collect the data from each service form together”