Refreshing the Deanery Plan

Deanery Plan refresh communication Sept 2014 final– this is a pdf copy of the information below.

Wantage Deanery Plan Refresh

Background / Introduction

The current Deanery Plan was endorsed in February 2012. Since then, we’ve been joined by three new incumbents, and created the Vale Benefice.

The plan prepared us for being ready for projected major housing developments at Wantage & Grove, yet the timescales were then still uncertain. The plan also included encouragement of Lay ministry, enabling ministry at the Secondary School, King Alfreds Academy, and rebalancing while also improving the financial situation.

Most of this has been achieved, and continues. We also have a Deanery Web Site, and we have also moved to the new Parish Share scheme.

Where we are now

Several medium-sized housing developments have already started around Wantage. The 2 major housing developments at Grove Airfield and Crab Hill, on Wantage’s East side are commencing imminently. There will be a new secondary school and 3 new primary schools, as well as expansion of existing primary schools. Further new housing developments are projected for the Wantage & Grove area in the next 5 years which would add c 1,200 homes i.e. c 4,000 people. This means that Wantage, Grove and nearby villages will grow by well over 9,000 people within the next 10 years – that’s between 50% and 80%.

The good news is that Grove Airfield developer has approved £138K (50% of sum requested) for a youth worker for 5 years. So we’re beginning to look at matched funding from grants.


All this means we need to refresh our Deanery plan.

Moving forward

We have some aspects of our current Deanery plan which we need to re-think such as chaplaincy to secondary schools, and other aspects to continue to work on e.g. enabling lay ministry.

The Deanery Standing and Pastoral Committee has already started to move forward on the matter of chaplaincy to secondary schools.

Other aspects of the refresh are likely to be

  • Mission and ways of working for the new housing (Wantage & Grove),
  • Long term sustainability across the Deanery
  • Social Justice
  • Youth

with the supporting threads of  training (to support the Deanery’s vision),  administrative support (models / options).

The Standing and Pastoral Committee is looking to decide and finalise the various streams when it meets on 14th October; further communication will follow that.

We next meet as a synod on Wednesday 26th November, 7-30pm at Grove Parish Church. At the synod please be ready to say which streams you would like to be involved in.

With every good wish

Jason and Hugh

Wantage Area Dean and Deanery Lay Chair